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Prices for services


The main documents for establishing a genealogy are the parish registers(until the revolution) and the civil status registers(since 1793). Each individual has a birth certificate and a death certificate, to which is added a marriage certificate per couple.
Pricing will therefore be based on the number of documents discovered. Only the documents found will be invoiced, so I do not offer a package as long as, for the reasons already mentioned, it is not possible to guarantee in advance the number of acts that will ultimately be discovered.
The following table (non-limiting...) will allow you to get an idea of the price, in the case of an ascending search where only the parents appear for each generation.

Each document found (civil status certificate or other) is charged €7.

In fact, you should know that, except in special cases, the names of both parents are mentioned on the birth certificate. This means that on the family tree that will be transmitted to you there will appear an additional generation.

The documents in your possession are of course not invoiced (yours, those of your parents, your grandparents generally, etc.), the amount actually invoiced is therefore less than what is indicated in the “Maximum price” column. .
This is the other, essential reason why I gave up on “flat rate” rates: fee-for-service pricing will always be less expensive for you!


For a genealogy including up to 1000 individuals: 55 euros
Beyond 1000 individuals: 75 euros

Results provided as documents in PDF format.
Possible sending of a paper print on request (provide for additional shipping costs).


30 euros per hour.
Service offered in the Ille-et-Vilaine department. 
For other locations, price on personalized quote.


Historical Studies, DNA Analysis, Interactive Tree

Price on personalized quote, 30 euros per hour.


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