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Interactive family tree

You are in the process of developing your genealogy, devoting evenings and entire weekends to it…

How can you highlight the tree (and fruits) of your labor?

You have information concerning your lineage: dates, places, old photos, various documents... which you would like to make accessible in a synthetic document bringing together all these disparate elements.

Draw me a tree has created the Interactive Family Tree, a dashboard integrating links to all of your genealogical resources: birth, marriage and death certificates, photographs, census extracts, registration cards, diplomas, acts notarized, etc. …
With a simple click, you reveal each of these elements which enrich your ancestry.

Concretely, this is what it looks like:

birth certificate
arbre généalogique interactif

This is a digital file in PDF format that you can open in your computer's internet browser.
Click on the date of an event, or on an icon symbolizing information: the original document appears in a new tab.
When the information comes from the internet, for example from the Departmental Archives, it is a direct link to this site which allows the information to be displayed.
All your personal documents, photographs in particular, are also accessible there as long as they can be digitized.

The Interactive Family Tree is the ideal complement to the printed tree. A very intuitive and complete navigation tool, it allows you to bring together in a single document all the members of your tree (ascendants, descendants, collaterals) as well as a multitude of iconographic elements associated with them.

With the Interactive Family Tree, showcase your genealogy!

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