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family tree

Family tree

Establishing your ancestry is a great journey through time, which will allow you to trace the traces of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of relatives who preceded you in this vast family adventure.
Realizing that you carry within yourself a part of each of these countless ascendants is something dizzying...

You will thus meet all of your direct ancestors. In addition to each person's identity, you will discover their places of birth, marriage and death, as well as their age at the time of death.
The available archives often provide the possibility of going further in the research.

Beyond civil status, we will find, for example, in population censuses the different places where a person and their family live.
In addition, the registration registers will give a description of physical or intellectual characteristics, when registering men reaching adulthood.

The reconstitution of siblings provides particularly valuable information. The life of an only daughter is therefore very different from that of the eldest of eight children.
The repetition of certain first names from generation to generation, the death of young children... the civil registry contains a wealth of information allowing you to retrace the life paths of your ancestors.
This work can be refined, reoriented according to your specific expectations, or based on the elements discovered.

family tree

A precious and personal achievement, the family tree can become the most beautiful gift.
The perfect birthday gift to give to a parent, cousin, etc.

Imagine... a big family celebration during which Grandma Ernestine, very moved, will receive for her 80th birthday from the hands of her 17 grandchildren the tree presenting her ancestry.
It would previously have been easy to ask all these cousins to share the research costs, since each will be able to leave with a copy of this common tree.

Original gift that can also be given to your partner, a nice surprise on a wedding anniversary...

family tree

Gift !

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