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Historical studies

I who do not
have sea legs, I learned that
my grandmother came from a long line
of navigators: Newfoundland, sardine fishermen,
sailors on behalf of the Compagnie des Indes…
It’s really fabulous, there’s even a captain
corsair of which we found the story of
exploits in the archives!

I found in the attic
a box containing old yellowed

photos, with names written on the back which
were unknown to me. Building my tree
genealogy allowed me to understand
who were my ancestors, to
associate a face with it…

I wanted to find
out more about the house I live in.
In fact, it was one of the first built during
the construction of the street in 1860. We found
who was the architect, I even know the name
successive occupants…

We discovered
the existence of an ancestor who practiced
the watchmaking profession 200 years ago... I understood
where did the three beautiful clocks come from
which we inherited my
brothers and me.

I had heard my
grandparents evoke an ancestor
painter. Dessine-moi un arbre helped establish
that he had worked on the decoration of several
churches on the Redon side. I experienced
a lot of emotion in
visiting them.

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